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Best Girl Games

1Bake a Cake and Pie
Play this very simple game for girls where you will bake a cake and a pie. Just follow the instructions by adding the correct ingredients needed.
Bake a Cake and Pie
2Perfect Dress designer
Amazing Dress Design Last time we have designed T-shirt, did you enjoy from that? Now summer is coming, we girls could design our beautiful dress on this game. It could make you to be a perfect designer!
Perfect Dress designer
3Water Park
The coolest water park in the city is ready for the kids and people who love water, adventure and having fun! There are many fun things here, they can take cool rids or go to shops. There are wonderful adventures and places to play and have fun that all the children love. But in such a big place they need someone to guide and and take them to the places the want. Your job is to take the kids where they ask and be careful to make them happy. Put the right kid in the right ride to gain points and move to the next level. Good luck! Game Instructions / Controls:Use the mouse to play this game. Drag and drop the right kid to the right water ride according to his demand. A red circle, next to the kid's name will indicate when his ride is full and you will have to drag and drop him to the stalls and shops. In case an exclamation mark appears on the ride, click on it and then click "Repair" button to fix the problem. If this exclamation mark appears two or more times on a ride and you fail to repair it, the ride is disabled.
Water Park
4Tasty Burger
Burger is a very tasty meal, today you got a chance to create your own custom burger. Decorate your burger with various items and have fun!
Tasty Burger
5Nails Manicure Contest
A pretty and stylish girl is going to take part in a summer manicure competition and her aim is to get the first prize. There are so many other models who will also take part in this contest and they are looking forward to grab the best position by showing off their beautiful nails' styles created by their expert manicurist. In order to compete with the participants she has to come up with a unique design that would stun the models and everyone in the audience, but neither does she know any manicurist nor does she has much experience in creating the winning nails' design. But she forgot to realize that you are an excellent nails' artist. Show your manicurist skills by giving her the perfect nails' makeover using all the fancy nails' designing items you have.
Nails Manicure Contest
6Flip the pancake
Pancake Man Flip the pancake and get high score but don't wait too long or your pancake will stick to the ceiling! And don't forget to catch it after it flips.
Flip the pancake
7Barbi And Ellie Summer Vacation
Barbi is going to spend the summer vacation with her best friend Ellie who lives in a beautiful city. The city where Ellie lives has lots of beautiful parks, beaches, and restaurants. Barbi is getting ready to travel to Ellie's city. When she steps in the city, she will go to the beach restaurant right away because Ellie has booked a table for her. The restaurant allows in only great looking girls. Barbi is already a beautiful girl, but still we have to give her a makeover in order to make her stand out from the crowd. Come let us create a beautiful look for Barbi.
Barbi And Ellie Summer Vacation
8Babysitting Game
Babysitting Game Today Sandy needs your help to take care of her sister and brother. Make the babies happy and give them what they need. Girl games are always fun!
Babysitting Game
9Pretty Girl Makeover
Makeover pretty girl for her doll house event
Pretty Girl Makeover
10Cooking Fish Bread
Make and bake a very delicious fish bread and sell it to people.
Cooking Fish Bread
11First Day Of School Dress Up
Today is the first day of school for all the little boys and girls residing in an apartment and all of them seems to be crying as they don't want to get separated from their parents and go the school. But this cute little girl is immensely happy and excited to attend her first day of school instead of crying like other kids, even her mom is also happy to see her child curiously getting ready to go to school. Let us dress this smart, little girl up in a cute outfit and send her to the school.
First Day Of School Dress Up
12Beauty Nails Design
Have you ever been to the nail salon? Become a nail designer in this game where you can choose the different colors for the nails and also apply a design. Having a great outfit is wonderful but having great nails to go with it really brings it all together. It's important to decorate them for this girl to look her best and have everyone admire her. Help her with her hair and nails so that she feels beautiful.
Beauty Nails Design
13Crazy Cube
Linked every pair of like colored marker to complete the cube. the round is over when all colors are matched.
Crazy Cube
14Monster High Real Haircuts
Draculaura, the beautiful Monster High doll, wants a new hairstyle that would amaze everyone at her friend's birthday party. As she was searching for a talented hairstylist throughout the city, she luckily saw your saloon and realized that your saloon would be the right place for her to get a wondrous hairstyle. For this super creative hairstyling task, we have added some of the best hairstyling tools such as trimmer, scissors, cutters, curlers, sparklers, hair-plates along with some other useful tools. Use all of the hairdressing tools, hair colors and hair decorative items to its full extent and create the perfect hairstyle for Draculaura, the stunning doll.
Monster High Real Haircuts
15Create A Cake
Choose your favorite colors, decorations, accents and toppers. Then print your creation and bring it to your bakery - Just dont forget to say which flavor you like!
Create A Cake